Why hasn’t Pakistan nuked India to liberate Kashmir?

Answer by Raju Veluthaakkal:

@…PM Modi saheb has been a staunch believer in modern Indian generation , peace and progress . Now we should not give in to the callous fundamentalism to overpower our humanity , harmony and development sense . While you make sense by positive thought and action it is mere non sense if Pak new generation too follow their misleading ancestors' suit or distorting institutions of terror and radicalism which Islam truly do away with . Regarding the so called Hindus they must understand that 'Sanatana Dharma' is a way of moral life rather than a religion as notion-ed by the word Hindu which was originally used by the invaders from the West to demarcate and demean the resident community of lands eastern off the Indus river which in turn was misused by the British for their nasty designs . Post second world war the 'Allied' interest spear headed by the U.S is plotting that towards the real disaster over the subcontinent and its people.

Why hasn't Pakistan nuked India to liberate Kashmir?