Nineteenth  and twentieth centuries have  shaped up drastic changes in the way we view and act on every thing concerning our lives. Importantly the deviations off the  conventional  economy over to the corporate economy drove us into the present fix as one would like to put it, by the ways and  means  modern business used to control  people’s out look and approach concentrating on material happiness and individual liberty,challenging social and moral ethics , lack of which already jeopardized peace and harmony globally.            In the  name of democracy the international power centers administer their own agenda by controlling  the  way the common man thinks and  reacts. They sow the  seeds of disparity among peasants and reap divisibility over the world human population. They play every foul with race , ethnicity , territory , religion , language and many more evils which prove handy to distort and deform peace and harmony.            Political constitutions around the world should be refabricated to oust the pseudo democracy prevailing. Elsewhere , on the net I have discussed  the issue tagging it by ‘demoncrazy’.            What I propose for the common man to benefit  as a world citizen is : 1. Zonalize the lands around the world on the lines of peace and harmony devoid of differences of race , ethnicity, territory , religion and language. 2. Each zone should have just two levels of administration namely presidential at the apex and civic at the base. 3. Electors irrespective of their nativity with regard to various zones can exercise franchise at any zone around the world into which they migrate. 4. Electors identifiable globally by iris identification database would exercise franchise on the same day around the world for admins at the apex and base of their respective zones , once in four years , unless the president of any zone gets impeached any time short on account of  voting by the commissioners of the civic (base) admins who form the council of legislation at the  apex to assist the president and pass bills. 5.Global election commission should be formed through nomination of eminent personalities from the world of sci/tech , social , economic and legal fraternity , who are the unbiased gems devoid of differences of race , ethnicity, territory , religion and language. They are nominated by the presidents and screened by the outgoing panel prior to appointment. They command world military to maintain world peace and keep vigil on the violations of global constitution. 6 .An elector is one who overlooks symbols and addresses issues with a sense of social, economic and ecological good will agreeable universally.

Evils of Psuedo Democracy


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